Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys Assisting Creditors

Advocates for Creditor’s Rights in Nevada

At Sylvester & Polednak, Ltd., we’ve been helping creditors assert their rights in bankruptcy since 1998.  We know the bankruptcy code and can advise creditors on the steps to take to improve the chances of being repaid. We are available to assist you in cases related to:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy

What an “automatic stay” means to a creditor

An automatic stay is an injunction by the bankruptcy court that immediately prohibits creditors from seeking repayment of debts from the debtor. Sylvester & Polednak, Ltd. assists creditors in reviewing a debtor’s bankruptcy petition to see precisely where opportunities exist for the creditor to advance his claim. It is imperative that you retain counsel that understands and meets the court deadlines, which come quickly and require detailed responses.

Secured versus unsecured debt

A loan that is secured by collateral gives the creditor a lien against a debtor’s asset.  A skilled attorney can make the difference to a creditor’s chances of recovery when the debt is secured.

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